Alexis started his career as a producer/Dj in 2000 while living in Japan.

His first projects involved him mixing salsa music for his dance performances.

His first steps using DAW (Digital Audio Workspace) Initiated in 2002 which allowed him to expand his creativity .


In the pursuit of generating a more authentic and organic sound, Alexis submerged into learning Piano, Flute, and afro-cuban percussion leading him into traveling to different countries like to study being Cuba and USA the two main countries where he will discover the essence of the sound he was looking for.

In 2005 by chance he was scouted to play percussion for a local latin-jazz band in Kyoto, Japan, subsequently leading him to direct the band.

After adjusting the group and establishing a solid member core"Alexistyle & Foribale" was born, playing standard and original latin-jazz composition.

Was at that time that he decided to record music acoustically.

 After building his home studio and self- teaching the fundamentals of recording he produced his first acoustic composition as a multi-instrumentalist "Nameless Little Thing" that can be found in his EP "RE-Vibe. 

After producing 4 more compositions his interests in visuals arts started to grow which persuaded him in taking a bachelor degree in sound engineer specialised in sound production for film and TV. 

After finishing his education he decided to remaster his old compositions and expand his career cooperating with several band in Norway and establishing a cooperation with DJ Dmitri and releasing two singles "I'm Yours" and "Thank You" both cover songs made into salsa which had a global impact on the latin dance scene and composing a new single "Stay Moxie" on which he directed and edited his first music video.

Actually he resides in London where he continues expanding his career both as a musician and sound editor/recordist and soon releasing new material.